Buhweju Ecotourism Launch

Launch Date and Venue

June-July 2022 at Bihanga Playground, Bihanga subcounty, Buhweju district.

 Dress Code

 Casual Smart and come with walking shoes+ Umbrella and warm clothes in case of weather changes 

Access the venue through the following routes depending where you will be.
  • Those from Kampala connecting to Mbarara:*  Kampala-Mbarara -Ibanda road+ Turn on your left at  Bwizibwera -Bukiro – Nyakambu-Nsiika-Kajjani akashenyi Town Council-Nyakaziiba Town Council then Bihanga subcounty.
  • Those from Mbarara and Sheema:* Mbarara- Kabwohe Sheema – Masheruka-Nyakambu-Nsiika -Kajjani Kashenyi Town Council-Nyakaziiba Town Council – Bihanga subcounty
  • Those from Bushenyi-Ishaka:*  Nyakabirizi along Bushenyi road- Kyabugimbi-Nyakitooko-Kyakashaka -Nyakishana-Kabegaramire-Marinde or through Kagorogoro- connections -Nyakaziiba- Bihanga subcounty.
  • For those from Kasese:*  Kyambura in Rubirizi district along Kasese Road- Katerera- Kyabakara-Through Kasyoha Kitomi Forest Reserve- Bihanga subcounty
  • Kampala Kiruhura and Ibanda Route
  • Kampala -Lyantonde-Kaguta Road-Rushere- Ibanda- Ruhooko Junction – Kicuuzi- Karembe- Kashambya – Bihanga subcounty.The road is now passable. 

Buhweju district has limited  accommodation facilities and rates range from 20K-50K. You can get accommodation in  Mbarara, Ibanda, Kabwohe, Bushenyi starting with 40K onwards   negotiable depending on the facility. 

Transport Means

Kindly organize personal transport and Incase you have a friend you can tag a long it would help. Those who need connections to public transport we can connect you to trusted persons. CICD is engaging some transport for Kampala and Mbarara teams and we shall confirm rates by 15th March.Those  with personal  vehicles come with  raised cars if possible and 4WD are suitable for the terrain. 


 Meals will be available at the venue at business stalls with drinks of your choice. They will be affordable and opportunity is given to business community to support the festival.

 Proposed Sites
  • Buhweju topography
  • Source of River Rwizi
  • Mukazianyara
  • ndurumo
  • Nyungu waterfalls
  • Rwenzori View points,
  • Kasyoha Kitomi Forest Reserve
  • Caves
  • Rocks,
  • Tea gardens,
  • gold mines etc. 
 Exhibitions and Business Stalls

Exhibition and Business stalls is free of charge  and participants reserve some money to buy some items that will be displayed at the event venue.  Kindly register with Management for proper planning. 

 CICD Promotional materials and Membership Forms Some promotional  materials will be available for sale and Membership Forms for those interested to join CICD-UGANDA family. All money collected will be for supporting the initiative and organizations activities. 

Feel free to Call CICD-U Management or email cicdinfo98@gmail.com

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